UV Tanning
The MATRIX tanning bed is a high pressure unit. High pressure refers to the type of lamp used and means that most of the UVB rays, or “burning rays”, are filtered out. Consequently, you are exposed to 98.3% UVA rays or the rays that produce the tan. This allows even those with the most sensitive or easily burned skin the opportunity to develop a nice bronze tan. It is also ideal for those who need to develop a tan in a relatively short time period. For the fastest, darkest, longest-lasting tan, you need to experience the MATRIX.

7 Minutes! That’s right, a true deep, dark tan in 7 minutes. But did you expect anything less from the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical tanning equipment? The Sun Capsule Super Sonic will deliver a tan darker than anything you could imagine from a fluorescent lamp, with the shortest exposure times on the planet. Once you experience a Super Sonic tan, you will never settle for anything less.
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