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3 Ultimate Benefits of Indoor Tanning

When it comes to indoor tanning, several myths are floating around. In most instances, there is a negative connotation with the activity. At Bare Bottom Tanning, we are here to set the record straight. In this article, we are highlighting three awe-inspiring benefits provided by indoor tanning sessions!


Skin Treatment

UV tanning offers several benefits for multiple skin ailments, from minimizing the appearance of stretch marks to treating psoriasis. Sure, you are exposed to UV rays that can damage the skin with long session exposure, but with indoor tanning, sessions are short. Thus, you obtain benefits like oil production and hormonal balance that actually help improve your skin’s overall condition.



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Helps alleviate seasonal depression.

Living in New England, seasonal depression is more common than not. While there are several theories on why this onset occurs, the most common falls with low vitamin D levels. Because the sun is a natural source for the body to absorb vitamin D, come winter, when we are indoors more than out, this level drops, requiring supplementation.

You obtain the vitamin D needed to maintain your joyous self with indoor tanning! Besides, looking better also means feeling better!


Vacation Preparation 

Finally on the list, and possibly one of the most commonly recognized reasons for tanning is preparing for vacation. Depending on your skin’s natural tone, hopping a plane to the tropics may require a bit of TLC beforehand. With indoor tanning, you obtain the golden base tan needed to avoid the burn. As you know, burnt skin will quickly put a damper on your vacation and cause more harm than any tanning session ever could.


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Now that you know about the benefits of indoor tanning, it’s time to give Bare Bottom Tanning a call! Whether you prefer UV or airbrush tanning, our experts are here to help you reach your desired goals! 


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