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5 Myths of Spray Tans

As spray tans are only becoming more popular as time passes, there are often misconceptions and myths surrounding this treatment. As you decide what type of tan you’re looking for this spring season, we’re here to make the process a bit easier.This month at Bare Bottom Tanning Salon, we’re separating fact from fiction and debunking these five common spray tan myths!

Myth 1: Spray Tans Look Unnatural

One of the most common myths about spray tans is that they’ll look unnatural and orange. This is far from the truth! With advancements in formulation and application techniques, it’s more than possible to achieve a natural looking tan! Also, modern tan solutions are formulated with improved ingredients without the orange hue that was typically associated with older spray tan products. 

Myth 2: They’re Harmful to the Skin

Another myth is that spray tans are harmful and unsafe for the skin and can cause damage. However, spray tans are typically considered safe for most people when done by a reputable and experienced spray tan provider. The main active ingredient in the tan solutions is DHA, which is derived from sugar cane or sugar beets. 

DHA works by reacting with the amino acids in the outer layer of the skin, which results in a temporary tan. When it’s used as directed and with appropriate safety measures, spray tans don’t pose a significant health risk or damage to the skin.

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Myth 3: They Provide Sun Protection

Some people may believe that an airbrush tan offers sun protection and they can go out in the sun without sunscreen after their session. This is far from true! Airbrush tans, or any fake tan for that matter, don’t actually contain any SPF. While they do make your skin darker, it does not provide the protection you need from UV rays. So if you’re conscious of sun exposure, we recommend wearing the appropriate SPF levels and taking additional sun safety measures!

Myth 4: Spray Tans are Only for Women

Many have the preconceived idea that airbrush tanning is only for women. However, this is not true! Spray tans are non-gender-specific and can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless or gender or age! In fact, men in particular can benefit from them to achieve a natural-looking tan without the risks of prolonged sun exposure. 

Myth 5: They’re High Maintenance

Some may think airbrush tans require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. While they do require some, it’s not as much as you may think. Simple steps to ensure your tan lasts and fades evenly would be to moisturize regularly, avoid harsh soaps and exfoliation, avoiding prolonged exposure to chlorine and excessive sweating. Most tans will last from 5 to 10 days, depending on these factors and the process of your application!

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