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5 Reasons to Consider Indoor Tanning During the Summer

The sun is shining and New Englanders can’t get enough of the outdoors this time of year. The season seems short compared to winter. However, while you may be packing your bag to head to the beach or sit poolside with friends, indoor tanning should also stay on the radar. Seem like an odd thought? Well, it shouldn’t! Here’s why.


Vitamin D

While some people have the luxury of heading outdoors whenever the day calls, others do not. In fact, most of us do not. Instead, we are indoors working. Left with only the weekend to visit overcrowded beaches, indoor tanning seems a bit more appealing, especially if you are Vitamin D deficient. 


Healthier Bones

In continuation with the Vitamin D conversation, let’s look at one of many of the benefits. Proper Vitamin D levels help to regulate phosphorus and calcium. These two elements both play an essential role in maintaining healthy bones. 


Pain Relief

Strong, healthy bones help a person feel good, and so do flexible muscles. With indoor tanning, many people have reported pain relief from chronic symptoms such as arthritis and rheumatism. Fibromyalgia is another common and very painful condition. In a recent study, 19 participants reported that UV exposure provided some relief from the condition. Indoor tanning as a method of therapy – who would have thunk!


Heart Disease

Another complication of Vitamin D deficiency is an increased risk of heart disease. No thanks.


Immunity Boost

Living in the world we do, who would say no to a simple immunity booster? Contrary to popular belief that Vitamin C is the go-to when feeling under the weather, Vitamin D also steps into the light here. Proven to reduce the chances of getting the flu, Vitamin D also helps to prevent several autoimmune diseases by encouraging the production of white blood cells. 


And there you have it. Five wonderful reasons to keep indoor tanning on the radar during the summer months! 


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