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5 Tips for Even Spray Tans

Warmer weather is ahead, and glowing skin is back! If you’re looking to get a jumpstart on bronzed skin this spring season, we got you! Whether you’re a beginner or simply need a refresher, we’re giving you some tips this month to achieve flawless and even spray tans at Bare Bottom Tanning!


One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a spray tan is to exfoliate your skin. This helps to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth surface for the tanning solution to adhere to. Use a gentle scrub or exfoliating mitt to slough off any dry, rough patches of skin before your appointment.

If you find that you have dry or flaky skin, exfoliating daily and moisturizing those areas up until your scheduled appointment can make all the difference! 

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Stand Still

During your spray tan, make sure to stand as still as possible and follow the technician’s instructions. This will ensure an even application and prevent any missed spots or streaks. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you notice any areas that need additional coverage!

Don’t Apply Lotion All Over

It’s important to avoid using any lotions, moisturizers, or oils on your skin before your spray tan appointment. These products can interfere with the absorption of the tanning solution and result in an uneven or streaky tan. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before you arrive for your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, you may be asked to put lotion only on areas known to be extra dry such as elbows, knees, wrists and ankles. Putting moisturizer on these areas will ensure there isn’t any spray tan buildup in those drier places. 

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Ask for Touch Ups

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced spray tanner, accidents happen- we get it! Sometimes before we leave an appointment we can move a certain way or accidentally brush up against something that causes the tan to smudge. If this happens, don’t be afraid to ask for any touchups before you leave!

Wear Loose Clothing 

After your spray tan, it’s important to wear loose clothing to avoid rubbing the solution off and to give it time to develop properly. Tight-fitting clothes can cause friction that may remove the tanning solution or create uneven spots. We also encourage you to wear darker colors to your appointment if you’re weary of staining any light-colored clothing!

Get the Best Spray Tans at Bare Bottom Tanning!

At Bare Bottom, our goal is for you to leave your appointment feeling like your best self. Whether you’re looking for spray tans, indoor tanning, or Botox treatments, we’re here to give you the extra boost of confidence you’re looking for! If you’re interested in our services, we encourage you to visit us online for more information! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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