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5 Ways to Make Your Spray Tans Last Longer

We’re sure you know that it’s necessary to moisturize consistently to help your spray tans last longer. At Bare Bottom Tanning Salon, we’re here to provide even more tips and tricks to extend your beautiful glow! Nothing is worse than seeing your tan fade faster than anticipated, especially when you have someplace to be!


In this article, we deliver some advice on getting the most out of your spray tans!


Avoid Potent Perfumes

There’s alcohol in every perfume and body spray. Alcohol also dries out skin faster. Spraying perfume directly on the skin can cause your tan to fade faster and look splotchy. Instead, spray it on parts of your clothes or a “cloud” of perfume you can walk into!


Avoid Moisturizers With Oil

Skip the oil-based moisturizers! We understand that sometimes there’s no better feeling than getting out of the shower and putting on your favorite oil. Using oil softens up the skin, making it easier to slough off. While it’s nice to rejuvenate the skin with oils, stay away from them until you’re ready to take your tan off. At least while you have your spray tan, search for an oil-free moisturizer in your home or at the store!


Stick With Gentle Shower Gels and Soaps

As mentioned before, alcohol can speed up the fading of your tan, along with other ingredients. Look for sulfate and fragrance-free soaps. Try to stay away from soaps that say things like “regenerating,” “anti-blemish,” and “anti-aging.” These soaps usually contain ingredients known to fade spray tans faster and make them streaky. Castile soap is a great option! 


Be Mindful of Your Skincare

Typically, our face is the first part of our body where our tan starts to fade. Sometimes the face washes we use can fade our tan, even after one use. This happens with many anti-blemish washes containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Using acids like AHA’s, glycolic acid, tretinoin, and similar products will also fade your tan faster. But we get it, sometimes we can’t go even a day without these products. If you want to extend your tan, we recommend investing in a face tanning serum to keep that glow!


Wax 24 Hours Before Your Appointment

Shaving close to the skin can unintentionally exfoliate and be slightly abrasive if you have a heavy hand. Waxing up to 24 hours before your application ensures that you’ll be able to skip the razor for longer, prolonging your spray tan!

If you don’t want to wax, use a new razor and apply light pressure when shaving. Protect the superficial layer of skin and use a gentle moisturizer as an extra protective layer before you shave!

Book Your Spray Tans With Bare Bottom Tanning!

If you’re looking to book a spray tanning session at Bare Bottom Tanning, these tips will come in handy! As winter nears and the sun fades, spray tans are the best and healthiest way to keep your summer glow. For a more in-depth look at our other services, visit our website to see what options are best for you!


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