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Considering Teeth Whitening? Read This First!

It doesn’t matter what generation you come from, people have always been concerned about their appearance. Of course, some more than others depending on your career and social status. Imagine a Hollywood star taking the red carpet, glammed to the nines with a custom made dress from the hottest designer in the industry. She turns, flawless hair – smiles and reveals a grill full of yellow, discolored teeth. Ooof. Game over. However, what if instead, this famous individual prepares with teeth whitening? Now she’s flawless.


Teeth whitening may not be for everyone, but if you’re considering it – read on!


Know that sensitivity is normal.

One of the most unexpected elements of teeth whitening is what comes after. While it’s not dangerous and won’t harm your teeth, many people do experience mild sensitivity after treatment. This is normal! With nearly 60% of Americans having natural sensitive teeth, it’s no surprise that any sort of treatment would enhance the feeling. But, don’t fret! Enhanced sensitivity occurs because the whitening process dehydrates the tooth a bit. This phase will pass within 1 to 2 days after treatment.


Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight!

Another misconception is that one treatment will be your cure-all to stained or discolored teeth. While we could all get behind such an idea, it’s not a reality. Instead, whitening takes time and patience to achieve the results you are looking for – without damaging your natural enamel. Another important note is that whitening will not work on veneers, crowns or caps. If this is something you were hoping for, the best results will be with your cosmetic dentistry team.


Your results are not permanent.

Finally, our professionals at Bare Bottom Tanning feel it important to mention that your whitening results are not forever. How long your teeth will stay white is determined by you and your habits! For some, six months is the timeframe while for others two years. Your habits (and genetics) – such as brushing hard, drinking coffee, and smoking will all take a role in how long your whitening results last.


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At Bare Bottom Tanning we understand that feeling good sometimes takes a little extra TLC, and we’re here to help! From spray tanning teeth whitening treatments, our experienced and trained staff is here to assist! Give our salon a call today at 781-229-9700 to learn more about our various services and pricing! 

We look forward to helping you love your smile once again!