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Get Stress Relief Quick: Search “UV Tanning Salon Near Me”!

If you’re looking for your weekly dose of Vitamin D, don’t just search for “UV tanning salon near me”–choose Bare Bottom Tanning! This month is National Stress Awareness Month, and you know that we love all things stress-free. Here are some reasons why both UV tanning spray tanning can help!

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Sun-Kiss Anxiety Goodbye!

Studies have shown that stress, anxiety, and depression are real issues that at least 7% of Americans struggle with nationwide. This month (and every month) should be focused on de-stressing and lowering anxiety. There are several ways to prevent stress, including exercise, meditation, and therapy. However, a 2020 study found that individuals with the lowest levels of Vitamin D were at a greater risk for depression. 

While the jury is still out on the exact role and amount needed, Vitamin D has been shown to improve mood and lessen symptoms of stress and depression. UV tanning using our tanning beds for a specific amount of time has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety due to Vitamin D, warmth, and light therapy. Finally, our staff will ensure your health and safety for a sun-kissed experience that naturally boosts Vitamin D for a happier you!*

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Airbrush the Stress Away

We know spray tanning won’t give you a natural boost of Vitamin D, but that’s not the only way to de-stress today! If you’re concerned about UV tanning for your skin, or you don’t have time to build up a base-layer tan, spray tanning is a great option!*

Why we love spray tanning:

Our airbrush tanning service is an immediate confidence booster! We use quality ingredients, and our airbrush artists will smooth away lines and wrinkles. Did you know? Airbrush tanning adds definition to your natural contours and muscle tone with continuous fine mist application. Can you say instant confidence boost?

*Our MATRIX UV Tanning bed unit filters out the majority of burning rays, like UVB.

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De-Stress at a Local “UV Tanning Salon Near Me”

Ready to de-stress with us? Schedule an appointment with Bare Bottom Tanning this month! Whether you prefer UV tanning or airbrush tanning, our experts are here to help you reach your desired goals! 

Contact Bare Bottom Tanning today to learn more about options, prices, and specials at (781) 229.9700.